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By Adam R ThÉberge

The Collection

The Demon Plight Saga Books I-III

Together for the first time.  Follow Kalim on his incredible adventure to find the source of the demon plague and the mysteries of an ancient village haunting his nightly dreams.  


Adam R Théberge

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Other Books

The Well

Kalim’s nightmare is real, but what does it mean?  How will it help him defeat the Demon Plight?

The Cave

The demon hunt is on, until suddenly the demons disappear without a trace.  A family diary adds to the growing mystery.

The Demon

On the other side is Dojé. An adept fire mage, blessed with natural magic.  She is charged with discovering the secret of the sunlit portal.  Things do not go as intended.

The Collection

All three shorts in one place.  Read through while waiting for Book 4!


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