Where are you from?

See above.  ;)  But in case you haven't read it,  Halifax,Nova Scotia, Canada

How many books have you written?

I have two self published.  However, I am working on 3 additional novels and some short stories.

What inspires you to write?

I have always had an active imagination, so it just feels right to put it down on paper, or nowadays the computer.  Many of my ideas come to me while I'm asleep.  I have very vivid dreams.


Frequently Asked Questions

My Hobbies

  • Writing.  I know, I'm an author so that's a given.  But I also do it for fun. 
  • Working out.  No, I don't want to have a six pack, but I do want to eat whatever I want.
  • Hanging out with my dogs.  They're awesome.
  • Playing video games.  Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior were two of my favorites.  Tomb Raider and Fallout 4 are what I'm playing now.
  • ​Eating Candy.  Is this a hobby?  Maybe not, but I have an incredible sweet tooth and every weekend I feed it.
  • Gardening.  We have a vegetable garden in the summer and a house full of plants.
  • Singing.  Who cares if it's in tune or not?  Makes the day better when you belt out a good tune.​

About Me

I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  It's a beautiful place to live and I was lucky to be in the country near the ocean.

Adventure and reading were a big part of my childhood, so it's no wonder that fantasy became my  genre of choice.

Climbing trees, building forts and spending hours on end in the water with friends gave plenty of opportunity to dream of far off worlds and scenarios in which to play.

Reading ruined me though.  You think kids these days spend too much time on their devices? Well that was me with my books.  Always reading when not doing the things listed above.

Now I'm married to a great guy and have two amazing dogs and I get to write all day.  What could be better?

Authors Who Inspire Me

Anne McCaffery

Andre Norton

Mercedes Lackey

Piers Anthony

Terry Brooks

J.R.R. Tolkien

Margaret Weis

Tracy Hickman

E.B. White

C.S. Lewis

Isaac Asimov

I'll add more as I think of them.

Let me know who your favorites are on the contact me page.