About the Author

I grew up in a small community outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I spent my childhood summers riding my bike, swimming in the ocean, climbing trees and playing hide and seek with the other neighboorhood children.  In the winter you could find me skating on the bay, building snowmen or forts,  and sliding down the hill into the neighbor’s house.  Yes, you read that right.  The hill we slid down ended in a concrete wall.  It was the best sliding hill.  You just had to remember to brake before you slammed into the house.  A few concussions may have resulted.

My nickname was potbelly.  I didn’t enjoy that, but it was an accurate description of my belly.  I also prefer it to the harsher names I got called later on in life during my High Scool years.  However, that is another story.

Nerd and a geek.  It was not cool to be either of those things.  I read comics, fantasy novels and loved Star Trek.  Yup, I was/am both!  T’was not a popular time for kids like me.  Also perhaps because I use words like t’was.  Now, we have shows like The Big Bang (or at least we did at the time of writing this).

I read a lot of Fantasy Novels.  In particular from Piers Anthony, Mercedes Lackey, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, and my favorite Anne McCaffrey.  However, the book that got me into fantasy was Dragon’s Blood by Jane Yolen.  Thank you, Jane!

If you are wondering what life was like during my childhood, watch The Goldbergs.  My family wasn’t anything like theirs.  We were dirt poor.  We didn’t have any of the iconic toys or fancy dodads, but friends of ours did. Plus, the Sears catalog was where dreams lived.  We couldn’t afford the nice things in life but it certainly didn’t stop me from fantasizing about them.  The sentiment of that era is well executed in the show.

We spent all of our Sundays going to church.  Roman Catholic church, to be precise.  I had a hard time keeping my eyes open.  Something about those pews makes me instantly want to fall asleep, even now.  I know I’m supposed to be attentive at your wedding, but I just can’t help myself.  I am becoming sleepy just thinking about it.  Regardless, the church instilled in me some great moral values.  Am I religious now?  No.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate some of the positive lessons they taught.  Even if they don’t care much for my kind!  The Gays!

I came out in 1995.  Yikes, that was a while ago.  It’s nice to see how much things have changed since then.  During my childhood, gay men were not portrayed/described in the best light.  They were either sexual predators or flamboyant fancy men.  Events in my life before 1995 led me to believe that these descriptions were probably true.  When I came out I was distraught because I wondered which of those descriptors people would see me as.  I didn’t want to be labeled as either and I knew neither fit me whatsoever.  I am happy I live in a place where those views are rarely held anymore.  There are so many more role models now.  It’s awesome.

I’ll write more later… chat soon.