The Cave

A year after his discovery in The Well, Kalim returns home a hero with a dire warning; The demons have not been eliminated. Beckoned back to the well, a thirst for revenge will consume him, recklessly leading him into an unfamiliar cave where death and secrets are concealed.  A great read for young adults and up.

The Well

A nightmare leads Kalim on a journey through demon infested woods to seek out a mysterious well. 
At the centre of a devastated village once inhabited by other-worldly creatures, the secret of the demon plight will be uncovered.

​For all ages!

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The Demon

Dojé isn’t human; she’s an Elodian. She’s outspoken, clumsy and prone to distraction. Unfortunately, she’s their last recourse to investigate the ominous light emanating from the portal in the quarantine zone. 

The Emperor’s warning, “Beware the Rali, and don’t stay too long!”

Talking about the well