The Portal – Book 4 of The Demon Plight Saga

Kalim and Dojé clash in a life or death battle, but who will survive their deadly encounter?

An unlikely alliance is formed and a plan is devised to save Kalim’s mother, but they will have to travel through the portal to succeed.

New enemies bar the path, and their simple plan becomes more complicated and dangerous with every passing day.

The Fae – Book 5 of The Demon Plight Saga

A risky plan to save the Fae from death at the hands of the Ark’em has failed.  The elves floating islands, meant to travel through time, have found themselves hovering over an unknown world, while inadvertently locking them in an unexpected war with its inhabitants.

The Queen of the Elves is missing.

Lives have been lost.

Ra-dar, ever reluctant to be king, must fight to save his people from the new onslaught.  It won’t be easy, as the Ark’em have their hands in everything.  They are everywhere, and they won’t rest until all of the Fae are destroyed.