The Defiant Troll

A modern city is overrun by an army of Trolls.  The humans attempt to fight back but are physically inferior.  As the nation's army descends upon the city a magic force field is erected over it and no one can get in or out.  At first the humans are made slaves to the troll invaders.  As food runs scarce, everything changes.   With the aid of a Troll, two humans fight their way across the city toward the force field in hopes of discovering a way through.

Upcoming Novels & Shorts

I was a God Once

I remember when I was one-year old.  I had a strange memory.  One that was not my own.  It was confusing, because while inside of it, I was ages older than I was.  When the memory ended, it stayed with me for a brief moment before dissolving away, not to be recalled until now.

Each year since then, I have been given a glimpse of that other world, each time the experience sticking with me longer, but inevitably fading beyond my recollections.  Am I crazy?  Why do they all come back to me now?  Are these memories or delusions.  I've been told that I've been through this before.

The Quim & The End of Magic

You've probably never heard of these fae before.  They lived deep under ground at the roots of the mystic trees.   They fed the trees magic, giving the trees their mystic properties and the ability to spread the magic throughout the land.  This in turn gave all the other fae their powers.  This is a story of how doing the right thing, can lead to the end of the world as it was.

the Portal - Book 4 The Demon Plight saga

Dojé is in chains.  Kalim struggles to keep her safe.  A new mystery unfolds drawing Kalim and his motely crew  through the portal into the demon's domain.  Acceptance is trying for some and easier for others, but the reality becomes frightfully clear: the demons are not the enemy.  Welcome the Rali! 

Flight Of The Fae - A Demon Plight Chronicle

A war is raging and the Elves are losing.  In a desperate attempt to stop the enemy for good, the Elves cast a spell so powerful it will destroy the face of the earth as they know it.  To escape their own destruction they plan to teleport their cities into the future when the earth should be fully recovered.  What could go wrong?

Gaurdian 1

The Gaurdians live on a secrect alien space station run by an AI named Galaxy.  Raised, given powers and trained to protect the earth by the alien AI, even the Guardians are in the dark about the impending threat for which they are meant to defeat.  Their training has not prepared them.  The earth is under siege and the Guardians are imprisoned;  all but Guardian1 who is stuck on earth while the new alien threat attempts to track him down